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In-House Banking with SAP

Increase cash visibility and reduce banking costs with In-House-Banking in SAP
In this webinar, Serrala will delve into effective in-house banking in an SAP environment using SAP’s In-House Cash (IHC) application.

We will provide an overview of the in-house banking concept and explore the key functional areas associated with it, including Payments on Behalf of (POBO), Receipts on Behalf of (ROBO), Intercompany Netting, Intercompany Funding & Cash Pooling, and Intercompany FX Hedging. 

The primary objective of the session is to facilitate a strong understanding of the market-leading innovation and integration available in the SAP ecosystem for in-house banking and provide insight into the concrete benefits that your organization can recognize from leveraging these solutions.

PeterSpeaker: Peter Wolf,
Senior Vice President Serrala

Peter has been specializing in SAP Treasury solutions for over 20 years. His experience and expertise span the entire suite of SAP’s Treasury, Cash Management, and Electronic Banking applications. 

PeterSpeaker: Blaise Scioli,
Vice President at Serrala

Blaise has over twenty-seven years of experience delivering treasury information management solutions and services to multinational corporations.

Recording Webinar
July 15th

If you couldn’t participate in our webinar, please find the recording of the session. The Serrala experts Peter Wolf and Blaise Scioli presented “Increase cash visibility and reduce banking costs with In-House-Banking in SAP”.

If you have any questions, please schedule a virtual meeting with us.

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