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Who is Serrala?

Serrala is recognized as a global leader in solution design and implementation services for all of SAP’s Treasury, Risk Management, Cash Management, In-House Banking, and Electronic Banking related applications, simply referred to as SAP Treasury. As a certified Software Partner to SAP, Serrala is also the leading provider of add-on enhancement solutions that integrate seamlessly with SAP’s Treasury applications and further improve visibility, control, and effectiveness. 

Serrala’s consultants have been offering this unique combination and leading the market in the delivery of Treasury solutions in the SAP environment from the time they were initially developed in the late 1990s up through the current release of SAP’s S/4HANA.

Serrala SAP Treasury Services – A Unique Business Value
  • 400+ SAP® Treasury & Banking engagements globally
  • 250+ Full lifecycle SAP® Treasury implementations
  • Extensive experience in 50+ different industries 
  • Largest team of SAP® Treasury specialists in the Market
  • First implementer of SAP® S/4HANA Treasury in N.A.
  • Official SAP® Service Partner 
  • Certified SAP® Software Development Partner
  • Leading provider of SAP® Treasury add-ons solutions
  • SAP ® ECC and S/4 HANA Certified
Meet the expert
Meet the Expert

Peter Wolf, Senior Vice President at Serrala,  
and one of the founding partners of e5 Solutions Group (now Serrala), is a leading solution designer and expert in SAP Treasury and Banking. Peter has been specializing in SAP Treasury solutions for over 20 years and has led and supported on over 90 SAP Treasury projects for more than 50 different clients around the world. His experience and expertise span the entire suite of SAP’s Treasury, Cash Management, and Electronic Banking applications.

With more than 50 of his projects focused heavily on In-House Banking processes, such as Payments on Behalf of (POBO), Receipts on Behalf of (ROBO), Intercompany Netting, Cross-Company Cash Pooling, Intercompany Loans Management, and FX Hedging, Peter is also considered one of the industry’s leading specialists on In-House Banking and SAP’s In-House Cash (IHC) application.

Interested in meeting with Peter on how to optimize your treasury systems?

Meet your expert

Jaime Ryan, Senior Vice President at Serrala,
is an industry-recognized expert in SAP Treasury Applications. He has been a key contributor to the development, launch, and ongoing continuous improvement of SAP’s treasury solution for over 20 years. Jaime was the first treasury consultant to be appointed to SAP America’s Platinum Consulting Group where he led the SAP treasury solution until he left in 2001 to co-found the e5 Solutions Group (now Serrala).

Jaime’s has been involved with and led countless implementation projects worldwide. He has worked extensively in all aspects of SAP’s treasury solutions throughout its evolution.  With that experience, Jaime is able to provide clients in-depth business/technical expertise spanning all areas of Treasury & Risk Management, In-House Banking, Cash Management, Payment Management, and Electronic Banking.  

Joe Lincoln, Senior Vice President at Serrala,  
is a leading specialist in SAP Treasury consulting and one of the founding partners of e5 Solutions Group (now Serrala).  As one of only two Platinum Treasury Consultants with SAP in the 1990s, Joe was pivotal in the early foundation and expansion of SAP Treasury into the N. American market. Since that time, Joe has proceeded to play a major role in the continuous improvement of the SAP Treasury and assisted numerous clients around the globe with design, development, and deployment of industry-leading treasury solutions.

Joe’s SAP Consulting expertise spans the applications of SAP Treasury and Risk Management, Electronic Banking, Cash Management, and In-House Cash Management (IHC), which are often bundled together generically under the titles of SAP Treasury.

Troy Baak, Senior Vice President at Serrala,
was one of the founding Partners of e5 Solutions Group (now Serrala). As a practitioner in the banking and treasury area for twelve years, Troy accumulated extensive hands-on experience in foreign exchange trading, derivatives, hedging, and international markets. In the 20 years since, Troy has been leveraging that practical foundation specializing in the design and delivery of world-class Treasury solutions in the SAP ecosystem.

Troy is recognized as a thought leader and expert in the areas of Treasury, Risk Analytics, FX/Commodity/Interest Derivative Trading, and Exposure Management. He has been contributing to the design and success of the SAP treasury solution since its inception. This continues today as he actively collaborates with SAP AG and SAP Labs on the enhancement and design of new functionality focused on Commodities Risk Management.  

Blaise Scioli, Vice President at Serrala,
has over twenty-seven years of experience delivering treasury information management solutions and services to multinational corporations. He has deep expertise in integrated finance process design and implementation, as well as extensive experience evaluating and implementing both ERP and non-ERP treasury solutions. Blaise’s experience encompasses almost every ERP and non-ERP treasury solution in the market today at some level of detail.

Blaise is knowledgeable in all areas of SAP Cash Management and Treasury and Risk Management and has extensive implementation experience with SAP versions from 4.0 through the current S/4 HANA release and ECC Enhancement Pack. Blaise has led, managed and participated in significant treasury automation projects, ranging in scope from regional to global, in nearly every functional area within treasury.

Jatin Thacker, Senior Manager and Senior Solutions Architect at Serrala,
has over 15 years of experience evaluating, designing, and implementing cash, treasury, and risk management technology solutions for multinational and public sector companies. Through his engagement and leadership on over 20 Treasury projects, Jatin has gained extensive implementation experience and a deep expertise in all SAP Treasury and Banking versions from 4.0 through the current ECC and S/4 HANA releases. His comprehensive business and technical knowledge span all aspects of Treasury & Risk Management, In-House Banking, Cash Management, Payment Management, and Electronic Banking.

Bill Burton, Vice President at Serrala,
Leading the sales effort for the Treasury Services and Corestone Data and Document Management North American sales teams. Driving sales in the SAP treasury services vertical within Serrala’s existing client base as well as net new business. Helping to identity cross selling opportunities leveraging Serrala’s full suite of financial software solutions and data archiving and decommissioning offerings.

Bill brings over 20 years of experience selling Treasury, Consulting and Software solutions to the Corporate and Financial industries. Bill managed sales teams prior to joining Serrala at Wall Street Systems (now ION) and Bloomberg L.P. Bill’s experience ranges from selling to Large Financial Institutions, Global and regional banks, leading the sales effort to the Central Banking Industries in EMEA and Global and Regional Corporations.